A New Play by Daniel John Kelley and Emily Plumb

In the wake of losing their child, a married couple must decide where their future lies: Is it with a romantic talking dryer who dreams of her homeland of IKEA? An adventurous 10-year old boy who dreams of true love and basketball camp? Or with leaving behind the memories that still haunt their home?

THE CONVENIENCES OF MODERN LIVING is a fantastical, absurdly humorous and heartfelt look at the nature of love and loss, and what it takes to overcome tragedy and start anew.


August 19-  Reviews are in, and they are raves!

"Daniel John Kelley and Emily Plumb's fine play The Conveniences of Modern Living should be a must-see on your FringeNYC list this year...Great writing and an imaginative concept that takes a fun and unexpected route to explore the depths of love and grief. The Conveniences of Modern Living is also a good example of what's great about FringeNYC—shows that are original and take an experimental step away from the mainstream in a fun, hip, and totally downtown way."
 -Heather Lee Rogers, Nytheatre.com

"Here's the standard that I expect to see at the Fringe: passionate theater makers giving committed performances in plays that shine brightly from the page onto the stage. Conveniences of Modern Living is exactly the kind of play that I'm looking forward to...So here's what needs to happen: Producers need to go see this show and promptly throw money at the playwright. I expect to see this play getting an 8 week run at an off-broadway house within the next year."
 -Christophe Dierckson, New York Theatre Review http://newyorktheatrereview.blogspot.com/2010/08/todays-fringe-nyc-recommendations.html

August 12-
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August 8-  Check out some exclusive behind the scenes interview with the cast of "The Conveniences of Modern Living" on our Youtube channel.

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July 13- "The Conveniences of Modern Living" was featured in NY Daily News- Click here to read the whole article

Saturday, August 28 @ 12PM

The Player's Theatre
115 Macdougal St. btw West 3rd and Minetta Lane
Take the A, C, B, D, F or M to West 4th
Tickets $18

Presented as part of the
NY International Fringe Festival

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